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essential oils set in indents

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Our Story


In July 2013, we started using essential oils for many health concerns and found that our stash grew rather quickly. Looking at options in storing the essential oils, I found that most storage holders were counter top sitters and I didn't have the counter space to store such a large shelf. Then came the idea to build a shelf to hang on the wall that wouldn't take up counter space and would add beauty to our home as a decorative wall shelf. With the help of my husband, we designed this exact shelf and I love it. Many people asked us to make one for them, so we decided to open our own shop.
Over time, we have discovered a need for shelves for other needs and have added those to our shop as well.
If you are looking for a beautiful, well made and sturdy piece to store your essential oils, nail polish, golf balls etc., Displayyourshelf has the shelf for you. They hang on the wall displaying the items for all to see, freeing up precious counter space and keeping your items organized.
Whether your collection is big or small, we custom make each piece. Let us know what size you need and we will custom make one just for you.
Thank you 

Why use DisplayYourShelf?


Displayyourshelf takes pride in their workmanship.  We handcraft each shelf individually.  Constructing the shelving using tongue and groove bookshelf joints, you can be assured your shelf will last a life time.

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